Slang for odds of 3/1.

Slang for £100 (also ton).

This term is used to describe the five major three-year-old races of the flat season: the 1000 Guineas, the 2000 Guineas, the Derby, the Oaks and the St Leger. Of these, fillies can be entered for all five, but colts cannot be entered for the 1000 Guineas or the Oaks.

Classified Stakes
A flat conditions race or weight-for-age steeple chase or hurdle race restricted to horses which have been awarded handicap ratings at or below a figure specified in the conditions of the race.

Clerk of the course
Racecourse official in charge of all aspects of running the race day.

Co favourites
This is where three or more runners, teams or competitors share the status as favourite for an event.

Slang for ten; either odds of 10/1 or £10.

These are the racing silks of the owners, as worn by the jockeys.

An un-gelded male horse up to four years old.

Conditions race
The general description of any flat race which is not a handicap or a novice race, is not restricted to maidens and is not governed by selling or claiming provisions.

Conditions stakes
A flat race which has not been awarded pattern or listed status, is not a handicap or a novice race, is not restricted to maidens, is not governed by selling or claiming provisions and is not restricted to apprentice or amateur riders if less than £7,500 is added to stakes.

Course specialist
This is a horse which tends to run well at a particular track.