Slang for odds of 5/1.

In horse racing, a race in which the weights for the horses are allotted by the handicapper for the purpose of equalising their chances of winning. In sports betting, handicaps are a method of making a one-sided event become a more attractive for betting purposes. For example, St Helens (-10) to beat Bradford Bulls (+10) would mean that St Helens would have to win by more than ten points for you to win your bet. What the handicap does is make the price of St Helens more attractive and the price of Bradford Bulls less attractive by ‘evening’ the match up.

Handicap rating
The number allocated to a horse by the handicapper on his assessment of that horse's performance.

Hang Cheng
Also known as Asian Handicap. This is a form of soccer betting popular in Asia where the draw is effectively removed from a match and whole and part-goal handicaps are added to make the match (and the odds offered) more even.

This is a bet placed by a cautious bookmaker on a selection on which he has accepted large bets. This would cut his losses if the horse wins (also known as a ‘lay-off bet’).

Held up
This is restraining a horse behind the other runners in the early stages of a race.

Holding your own
Neither winning or losing, just breaking even.

This is a casino or gambling centre. Also the operators of a gambling game.

Hunter chase
A race for horses that have been hunting regularly.