Slang for twenty, as in £20.

Selling race
This is a race in which the eventual winner must be offered for sale by auction.

Shortening the odds
This is the bookmaker's reduction of the odds offered in the face of heavy betting or other circumstances.

Slang for odds of 7/4.

In the UK, this is a list of odds for a race. In the US it means a horse finishing third.

The father of a horse.

Smart money
These are insiders’ bets or the insiders themselves.

Spread betting
A form of betting where returns or losses are calculated in proportion to how right or wrong the punter is, unlike fixed odds where potential winnings and losses are set at the time the bet struck (or at the time the event starts in the case of SP).

There are also known as handicaps.

St Leger
One of the five ‘classics’ of the flat season in the UK for three-year-old colts and fillies.

The amount of money you wager.

Stalls are a row of compartments designed to give all the runners in a flat race an even start.

Starting price SP
The starting price is arrived at by taking the average price available in the betting ring on the racecourse shortly before the off.

A runner backed significantly prior to an event, causing it’s odds to shorten dramatically.

Steeplechasing is a form of National Hunt racing run over distances of two miles up to four and a half miles. Horses jump fences of varying height and consistency.

The racecourse official responsible for ensuring that the rules of racing are adhered to.

Stewards enquiry
If there are any suspected infringements of the ‘Rules of Racing’ the stewards hold an investigation. These are carried out in a similar manner to objections.

Sure thing
This is any bet that (seemingly) has very little chance of losing.