Walk over
A walk-over occurs when only one participant runs in the race. In order to collect the prize money the participant must go through the normal procedure. For settling purposes the winner of a walk-over is considered to be a non-runner.

Weigh in weigh out
The weighing of jockey before and after a race to ensure that the correct weight has been carried; the announcement ‘weighed in’ signals that the result is official, and all bets can be settled.

Welsh / Welch
This is to fail to pay a gambling bet.

With a run
In certain Ante Post events, some selections may be quoted ‘with a run’ which means customers will not lose their stake if the selection does not run.

With the field
This is having one horse linked with all the other horses in an event. It can apply to forecasts or in doubles.

Slang for odds of 5/4.