Saturday, 06 August 2016 09:52

PRISON: Conditional Jockey Joe Colliver Jailed

Apprentice rider Joe Colliver has been jailed after his part in a drunken car crash and paying a friend £2,500 to cover for him so he could not damage his jockey career hopes.

The 25 year old’s career was on the up as he had partnered over 25 winners last season. Had Colliver told the truth it was likely he would have received a fine and a driving ban for driving the truck involved in the incident.The judge overseeing the trial described Colliver’s crime as “This was seriously criminal.” He has now been jailed for 10 months and there may be doubts about whether he can come back to the sport after tarnishing its name.

It wasn’t until Colliver and his associate Lewis Purdie were confronted by the police who had doubts about their account of the events that unfolded. The evidence that put them was blood found in the Mitsubishi L200 driver sides door of Colliver. Judge Tony Briggs went on to say to Colliver:

"You made a determined attempt to evade responsibility and offered your co-defendant money to take the blame."

"That pretence continued through part of the police investigation, and the truth of the matter was only acknowledged as late as May."

"Obviously, any attempt to pervert the course of justice by behaving in this way strikes at the very heart of justice and custody is inevitable.”

"There is an abundance of material before me which indicates in normal circumstances you are honest, reliable and hard-working, and had been subject to a number of considerable pressures.”

"That may be so, but you are 25 and you are not a callow teenager."

Robin Denny, speaking as the defence barrister told the court:

“Once he started on this trail, he obviously went on with it, and that's a very bad thing. I don't think he had the sense to realise how serious this was going to be viewed."

It is a shame but could obviously been far worse for Colliver as he is lucky no-one else was hurt in this incident. Over the last five seasons he has ridden over 58 winners and already had a comeback story of his own after coming back from an injury at Cartmel that left him without the use of his right arm and hand for a period.