Sunday, 03 July 2016 21:19

Record Breaking June Featured

Hi Folks!

It's been a great June for the team at Race Day Ratings. We have enjoyed a mega record breaking month of profits which have resulted over £600 made through our ratings service.


Now, as we all know there can be good times as well as unlucky times with betting. But if you keep your discipline and bet within your means there there can be really good money to be made. To give you an example of why it pays to be patient and disciplined we can show you two examples. On the 3rd of June we covered Epsom and Catterick races. There was a combined return of £177 and we went home happy! But then take the following day, we covered Epsom and Doncaster and sadly made a loss of £29. We do our best here to make sure our ratings are consistent to give you the best chances of making a profit, but we can't predict bad luck or horses pulling up at the last minute. Fortunately, if you bet responsibly and have faith in our formula then you can make a profit as June has proven! We have enjoyed a very steady strike rate of 25.07% this month which although isn't as good as March at 29.00%, the returns have been much bigger! 

We're really looking forward to covering racing in July and delivering top returns for our customers. As we always say with our ratings service, we operate on the rule that as soon as you hit a profit that day stop betting. The ratings are designed to give you the best opportunity to make a profit & as the day goes on added risk but potential higher returns are factored into our system. 

One last note before we leave you folks, remember to maximise your betting opportunities by always registering with a sign up offer to a bookie. This is the best way to get more for your money and getting a bonus from your bets! We have betting offers on our site and available here. Stop missing out and bet responsibly!