Horse Racing Tips

The most effective horse racing tips revolve around increasing your knowledge on how betting odds work.

Before you gamble properly, you need to know your stuff - and yes, that means brushing up on your maths! Traditionally, in the UK, odds are demonstrated as fractions; whereas in Europe, they are usually expressed in decimal form.

Using the UK system, if a horse’s odds are 3/1 this means a bet of £1 will make you £3 profit (you get £4 back as you also get your stake, or bet, back).

Furthermore, not all odds are described as “something to one”. For example, you may see a horse at 5/2. This means that if you bet £2, you make a profit of £5 (your win and your initial stake value).

If a horse is a strong favourite to win a race it will sometimes be “odds-on”. As you look at the odds, this means that the number on the bottom/right (the amount you bet) is bigger than the number on the top/left (your profit). For example, odds of 1/10 essentially mean that if you bet £10 you will win £11 back with a profit of just £1.

Now you know how the odds work, let’s look at some different types of bets…

Win Bet
There are a number of different types of bets you can place and the simplest and probably most common is the win bet. Fundamentally, you are backing a horse to win a race and so this is one bet with one outcome only.

Each Way
Other hugely popular betting tips include backing a horse each way. This is effectively two bets, with one placed on the horse to win and the other placed on it finishing in the top three. The place portion of your bet pays out at a fraction of the main odds and again this varies but is usually 1/4.

For example...

1.) If you bet £10 each way bet on a horse at 4/1, it will cost you £20 (£10 on the win and £10 on the place part of the bet).
2.) If it wins, both bets win, you gain £10 x 4 = £40, as well as your £10 stake back for the win portion.
3.) You also get your each way bet too, so ¼ of 4/1 is 1/1 (evens) so you get £10 plus your stake of £10 so £20 in total.
4.) Overall, if your horse wins you get £70 for a profit of £50. If your horse finishes second, third or fourth, you lose your £10 win bet but make £10 profit from the each way win, leaving you break-even.

Single Bet
This is where you back just one, single event.

Multiple Bets
There are numerous different types of multiple bets but the most common are a double bet or a treble bet.

A double bet involves backing two separate events; both bets must win for you to succeed: a treble is the same concept but with three selections. As well as being called multiple bets these are also known as accumulators, or accas for short.

Straight Forecast
This requires you to pick the top two horses in a race, in the correct finishing order. The odds will be set for that particular outcome and will therefore naturally be high returning.

Reverse Forecast
A reverse forecast bet is similar to the above but the horses can finish in any order. This is effectively two bets, so a £10 reverse forecast would cost £20.

No amount of horse racing tips can determine this one - it is really is one for the brave… pick the top three horses in the correct order. Big rewards up for grabs!


Whilst the above betting tips may seem pretty obvious, these are by far some the greatest horse racing tips you could read. For to be able to grasp racing tips, you must know how and when to bet. There is a very fine line between damage-limitation and going all out for glory!