Horse Racing Tomorrow

Knowledge is King
Once you know your stuff, you’ll be able to plan ahead and bet on the outcomes of horse racing tomorrow, whether that’s ‘tomorrow tomorrow’ or tomorrow in several months time.

This type of betting strategy is known in the industry as an ante-post wager - a common bet placed by horse racing punters on a selection days, weeks, months and even years in advance of the event.

Advantage of Pre-Betting
The main advantage of placing an ante-post wager on horse racing tomorrow is that you are often guaranteed better odds than if you were to bet on the actual day of the event. For example, a horse may be priced-up at 11/1 a week in advance of the event, but on the day this could change to 3/11 - same outcome, very different return!

The Win vs The Lose
With betting on horse racing tomorrow, the rewards can be great but the falls equally so! For example, you could place an ante-post wager on a horse that is a non-runner (doesn’t take part in the specified race), meaning you will lose your stake purely by default.

Take Advantage of Greater Odds
Essentially, by betting in advance, you are taking advantage of bigger odds which may result in far bigger payouts. As you become more knowledgeable in a sport then you will feel naturally more confident to bet in this way, but, more often than not, it is the novice, one time better on a whim that seems to hit the jackpot!

Where is Ante-post Betting Available?
Ante-post betting is available in the build up to most major horse races, with some offering open bets up to a year in advance; such as, The Grand National and most races at the Cheltenham Festival.

Not just for horse racing…
Furthermore, ante-post betting has proven so popular with bettors, it is now available in many other sports, such as The Premier League and The Six Nations. Of course this is only heightened by glory stories relived in the media of the man who bet his life savings on Leicester to win the 2016 football title.


Ante-post wagering is not for everyone. It is a long-term investment, which can take years to predict; ultimately, completely overpowering the whole ideal of ‘having a flutter on the races’. However, the benefits are huge as there is few better feelings than getting paid out on an ante-post wager on a horse at 15/1 that had a starting price of just 6/4 on the day! But remember, if we could all see the future then we would all be millionaires! There is still the great risk of the unknown.