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3. Native Dancer

The American thoroughbred Native Dancer was active between the years of 1952 and 1954 in horse racing. Nicknamed the Grey Ghost he was a well celebrated and one of the most successful thoroughbred horses ever. Television helped popularise Native Dancer which was the first of its kind to do so.


Native Dancer’s first full season saw 9 wins out of 9 races and collected $230,495 of earnings. This a record for a 2 year old horse. During the three years of being active in racing he went on to win 21 of 22 starts! By the end of an illustrious career, he collected a grand total of $785,240 in earnings.

  • Breeder: Alfred G. Vanderbilt II

  • Trader: William C. Winfrey



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1. Secretariat

An American thoroughbred that in 1973 became the first US Triple crown winner in 25 years! Close to Man o' War, Secretariat is considered one of the greatest of all time after setting records in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. These are records that are yet to be beaten today. 

Active between the years of 1972-1973. Won 16 out of 21 starts. Secretariat collected a total of $1,316,808 in purse money.

  • Breeder: Chistopher Chenery
  • Trainer: Chistopher Chenery & Penny Chenery

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