We have had a great week with our ratings this week folks with a MEGA £352.75 PROFIT! We have put a few words together to celebrate the profit met and how we did it.


As everyone now knows, our betting strategy isn’t about just placing bets all day at random. It’s about following the rating system and stopping as soon as profit is made that day. This means if we hit a profit in the first race, even if it is small -STOP, the job has been done!


  1. Monday 18th - Ayr:

    1. It was a long day and we thought we were out of luck, however a 16:40 race winner with Thackeray rated at EW and an SP of 28/1 meant a race day profit of £111.75!

  2. Monday 18th - Beverley

    1. By the third race of the evening we had a couple of places, however a mega winner with Ziggy Lee rated EW at 25/1 meant £150 profit was hit for the night and no more bets!

  3. Tuesday 19th - Musselburgh

    1. Unfortunately this was a poor day and we finished in a loss, this has been factored into the total.

  4. Tuesday 19th - Nottingham

    1. Similar to Beverley, it was the third race of the evening that guaranteed the profit and stopped the betting. Oriental Relation EW rated at 8/1 came in to mean overall for Nottingham we stopped £42.50 up!

  5. Wednesday 20th - Bath

    1. Small profit, but profit nonetheless! The third race again with Pine Ridge win rated 9/2 meant betting stopped when we were £15 in profit.

  6. Wednesday 20th - Leicester

    1. The first race of the evening, we had a place with Caeser The Gaeser EW rated when at 20/1. £10 profit and betting stopped.

  7. Thursday 21st - Yarmouth

    1. The smallest one yet, but again profit means profit and it means no more bets! Te second race of the day had a winner with Gale Song rated to win @ 6/5! £2 profit.

  8. Thursday 21st - Doncaster

    1. The first race of the evening with Sunraider rated EW at 12/1 won to ensure £75 profit. It would have been tempting to carry on given it was the first race of the night, but that isn’t how it works folks! In profit, #NOMOREBETS.

  9. Friday 22nd - Ascot

    1. Betting stopped with a 3rd place finisher in the third race of the day with Monaleen EW SP 33/1 returning £16.25 profit overall and stopping betting.

  10. Friday 22nd - York

    1. Another first race of the night winner meant £12.50 profit and no more bets. Thank you Cote d'Azur win 9/4 for bringing it in!


So there you have it folks, that’s how we hit £352.75 profit based on discipline, following the system and stopping betting as soon as profit is hit. We set the margins based on a £5 each-way bet or a £10 win bet. What are you waiting for? Stop missing out on our subscription system and sign up here!


Remember to always bet responsibly and never beyond your means.

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